Motorhome rental

We’re renting out well equipped brand new motorhome which’ll take you anywhere. Motorhome is available for rent in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, from where you get great access point to Adriatic Sea for summer break in Croatia or Italy, as well as cool summer mountain trips to the Alps or even winter vacation or just for a cruise through Slovenia. With renting our motorhome you’ll get a hotel like experience wherever you are. If you are interested send us an inquiry or contact us directly.


Why hire our motorhome?

New, attractive, popular and superiorly equipped motorhome that offers you ultimate comfort at length 6.99 m. Motorhome offers you everything you want and need for the perfect trip or holiday. It includes spacious lounges, modern and well-equipped kitchen, LED interior lighting, electrical (drop) bed in the central part as well as air conditioning in the residential section and rear camera for easier parking.

You can even go skiing. The equipment includes winter package that includes insulated storage tank for clean water and waste water, additional insulation of the vehicle, the heated drain of the waste water, stronger battery and solar panels for greater freedom. Heats can be combined with trumo gas and/or electricity

Rear view camera

Winter package

Heating: gas and electricity

Air conditioning in the residential section

Solar panels

Bike racks

Big panoramic window

Big trunk